About Us

  • The FCCFA was founded in 1980 and registered with Corporations Canada in 1982. It was preceded by a number of associations from coast to coast which promoted friendship with China.
  • As of 2020, there are six Federation branches, which are full-fledged members of the Federation: Vancouver, Victoria, CalgaryToronto, Ottawa and Saskatoon.

Our Aims (as recorded in the Federation's constitution)

  • To promote friendship between the people of Canada and China by fostering mutual understanding and appreciation of each other's society, their historical development and their functioning social and economic institutions.
  • To promote cultural, educational, scientific, athletic and other exchanges between the Canadian and Chinese people.

Our Activities

  • Learn Chinese language & culture (Tai-Chi, Chinese tea ceremony etc.)
  • Gathering dinners to enjoy typical Chinese food in Saskatoon
  • Cultural or study tour to China
  • Attend conferences & Friendship Forums


June 14, 2020-  Anti COVID-19 related racism rally

  • Five of SCCFA members attended a rally on June 14, 2020, in Saskatoon

2020 Chinese New Year Celebration

  • Chinese New Year Celebration, Banquet at Su Nan’s Garden restaurant, January 18, 2020

  • Members watched “2020 Saskatoon Spring Festival Celebration”(春晚), at Lakeview Church

December 8, 2019. Christmas Season Gathering

  • Dinner gathering at Delight + Chinese cuisine, for the coming Christmas
  • This marks the 4th event of SCCFA since its establishment early this year

June 2, 2019 - Gathering dinner at Yip Hong restaurant

  • Welcomed new members, practised some Chinese language, shared our experience to China before

April 26, 2019 - Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot restaurant

  • Gathering dinner in Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot restaurant.
  • Some shared experiences of travelling to China, others shared their Tai Chi experience

March 24, 2019Celebration of SCCFA Establishment

  • Celebration of SCCFA (Saskatoon Canada-China Friendship Association) establishment , dining at Summer Palace
  • Welcome speech by Shirley Wei (President), introduction to SCCFA by Allison Hill (Secretary), & guests self-introductions

Saskatoon Canada-China Friendship Association