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About Us

Taste of China Academy is a Chinese Language School and a Culture Institution in Saskatoon, providing various Programs that enable our participants to “Taste China” in different aspects (including Chinese LanguageClasses OnlineChinese Martial Arts, culture, food, & arts, etc.), either locally in Canada or overseas in China.

Since the establishing of the Chinese School, our staff has helped numerous students learn Chinese Language and Chinese Culture. As a result, these students have gained tremendous self-esteem and confidence when going to China, no matter for traveling, visiting friends, working or teaching English in China.

To encourage and maintain cultural diversities in Saskatoon, our school is active in teaching Mini-Language Program in many Public and Catholic Schools across Saskatchewan. This Mini-Language Program is well enjoyed by students and teachers, thus gaining more and more popularities in the province of Saskatchewan.

Located in Saskatoon, Canada, Taste of China Academy also collaborates with many educational institutions all over China, to ensure the quality and varieties of its Programs.

"We have really enjoyed Chinese class. You're great, and we had a lot of fun. We really appreciated it, and we're excited to go to China to speak Chinese all the time! :) Thank you so much, Shirley! "

Travis & Alisha Z.

"The class in Taste of China Academy meets my high expectation. Flexible, fun and affordable. Amazed to learn the Chinese culture. Can't wait to visit China soon!"

Bradley G.

Our Credentials

"I enjoy studying with Shirley. She adds to material in the textbook with personal stories, news items and cultural information. All things considered, it's a pleasant, very challenging experience."

John M.

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