• Eligibility: Students attended Chinese Language lessons for 20 hours or more.
  • Cost:  Sponsors cover partial cost, students pay air fare & the rest.
  • Where: Every year to different places that tourists can never go.
  • When:  1-2 times a year, 2-4 weeks each time. Whenever there are 5 students or more.
  • Who: One staff will go & travel with students together.
  • What to do: Students do some lectures, lessons, classes, activities with sponsors, while experiencing the local culture including arts, food, sightseeing…

Cultural/Study Tour to China

Teaching English (ESL Teachers) in China

  • English teachers (ESL Teachers) in China (see Current Opportunity).
  • Opportunities available all year round.
  • Service Fee: Free.

Taste of China Academy

Chinese Martial Arts: Tai Chi Classes 

  • Fee: Group class, $120/ 10 classes. Private class, $30/class. 

 Chinese Language Lessons/Courses

First visit free: 30 minutes trial & consultation
Private Lessons:

  • 1 hour: $25 ($25 per hour per person)
  • 10 hours: $220 ($22 per hour per person)
  • 20 hours: $400 ($20 per hour per person)

Small group lessons ( 2-4 people)

  • 20 hours: $300 ($15 per hour per person)​

New!!! Chinese Cooking class, available once a month.

Traditional Chinese cooking class available soon!  $50 per person.

  • Discount: Buy one, get the second one $5 off.
  • what you need to bring: apron, indoor shoes, food container.
  • what we provide: tea, ingredients. 
  • we have a dinner together after cooking.
  • Limit 6 people a class.

Services & Fees

A Chinese Language School & Culture Institution