December 8, 2019. Christmas Season Gathering

  • As Christmas is around the corner, the Saskatoon Chapter had a dinner gathering at Delight + Chinese cuisine, on December 8, 2019. This marks the 4th event of SCCFA since its establishment early this year.
  • SCCFA president, Shirley Wei, and secretary, Allison Hill, spoke a few words to welcome 17 attendees today. In particular, they reiterated the mandates of SCCFA:  to develop mutual understanding between the Canadian and the Chinese people and to build active and lasting friendship; to help Canadians understand the society in China better; and to promote exchanges and people-to-people ties. As members of SCCFA, we are keen to keep the Canada/China friendship intact through both good and challenging times.
  • After the dinner, our members played a Game (true or false facts about China), led by Shirley. Winners won prizes (Chinese character tattoos).
  • Our next gathering is set on January 19, 2020, to warm up for the Chinese New Year!

Saskatoon Canada-China Friendship Association