Experiencing China

Taste of China Academy

A Chinese Language School & Culture Institution

As a Chinese Language School and a Chinese Culture Institution in Saskatoon, Taste of China Academy serves as a door for those who want to know and learn about China, including Chinese Language, Classes Online, Chinese Martial Arts, arts, and culture. Programs are offered here locally in Canada which lead to opportunities for Experiencing China in person, either through study programs or cultural tours (see News, Mainland China Program & Taiwan Program) in China, thus giving you a real “Taste of China” in person!


China, with the biggest population in the world and its miraculous growth in economy, has always been attracting world-wide attention. On the other hand, being a country with a long history, China is still a mystery to most people in western countries.

Welcome to the Taste of China Academy

Learning Chinese Language

Learning Chinese  Culture

  • Martial Arts: Kung Fu, Tai Chi
  • Chinese Chess, Calligraphy
  • Food and Custom
  • Classes for all levels (Beginner - Advanced).
  • Group or private classes.
  • Online Classes.
  • Qualified teachers with 20 yrs+ experience.
  • Mini-Language Program.
  • Well developed program goals.
  • Chinese immersion programs.
  • Varieties of Programs to choose from.
  • Reasonable & affordable fees.